What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

Recently we have received a lot of questions about Crossroads Hertfordshire South you can view their website here.  Although having a similar name, Crossroads South is an entirely separate organisation working in the Hertsmere, Watford and Three Rivers area of Hertfordshire. It has recently merged and is now wholly owned by Carers in Herts  an organisation which provides advice and training to Carers. You can visit their website here. The demand for our services has increased dramatically over the last 12 months and the trustees of Crossroads Care Hertfordshire North wish our local partners the very best in their merger and are committed to remaining independent and growing as an influential provider in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Networked, National and Partnerships.

We have strong local partnerships and collaborations with local organisations including the Home First Service in the Broxbourne Area, East Herts District Council, Stevenage Borough Council and enjoy close working relationships with the EMDASS team, the Alzeimer’s Society, local PPG groups and many others. We manage a contract for Free Carers Breaks on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council. We also work with local and national partners, to ensure that information, advice and practical support are available to all carers across the UK.

We are Network members of the Carers Trust, a charity which was formed by the merger of Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in April 2012 and are Associate members of Carers UK who lobby and inform on behalf of Carers.

Not for Profit

As a charity, we care for people not for profit. No one cares more than Crossroads Care, not just in the scale of what we do or the vast experience that we have, but in the special way we think about care.

Our Carer Support Staff are not here today and gone tomorrow. They love their work, and their training and long experience means they understand what carers, and those they care for, need and feel. They know the simple things that really matter, they do the hard jobs with a smile and they take pleasure in fitting into family life.

It’s no surprise then that our staff build long and trusted relationships, and that more carers and people with care needs turn to Crossroads Care for support than to any other social care provider.

How it Works

If you think that Crossroads Care may be able to help, we will visit you at home and, together with the person you care for, design the service that meets your respective needs. Anyone can get in touch with us for a service for themselves, someone they know or to make a referral from another agency.

As a carer or someone with care needs you may be entitled to support by the local authority or you can choose to pay direct for our services or top up state entitlements. Sometimes we are able to use charitable donations to fund ‘free care’ in a crisis or special situation such as a wedding or funeral.

Contact us to find out more about how Crossroads Care can give you a well earned break.

The Cost of Carer Support

There are four main ways in which carer support is funded:

  • Services funded by the local authorities through Crossroads Care
  • Services where the local authority pay you direct and let you choose how you spend the money – called Direct Payments
  • Private services where you pay Crossroads Care
  • Top up services where you can pay privately for services additional to those funded by the local authorities

To find out more click here to contact us.