Carers Rights Day

Missing Out? Know your rights as a carer

It’s the annual Carers Rights Day and we are taking part to make sure carers know about the 18 hours of free breaks available to them in Hertfordshire. We are partnering with the East & North Herts NHS Trust, Herts County Council and Carers in Herts to give carers information about support in their area and eligibility to a Carers Assessment.

Today we are speaking to carers at Lister Hospital in Stevenage between 10 – 2pm  & also 6 -8pm  to catch those that work. We also hope to speak to many hospital staff so they can spread the word to any carers they meet.

Carers Rights Day at Lister Hospital

Carers Rights Day at Lister Hospital

There are an estimated 110,000 carers in Hertfordshire and according to NHS England research 84% of carers report that their caring role has a negative impact on their health. We are committed to working with partners to make sure carers know what support is available to them when they need it.