Carers Week 6th – 12th June

During National Carers Week 6-12th June 2016 the theme is Building Carer-Friendly Communities. You are invited to make a pledge at

Our pledge this year is to commit to a year long programme to work intensively and innovatively with each of our 3 regions in Hertfordshire: East, West and North. We will develop at least one innovative, relevant initiative in partnership with clients and carers in those areas which will benefit Carers in each of those areas.

We have 3 specific areas and 3 towns or villages in mind where we will be seeking to develop partners in local businesses, funders, care providers and volunteers. We will be reporting back throughout the year to our clients and customers on how we are progressing.

There will be a wide range of activities across Hertfordshire raising awareness about the importance and challenges of the role of being an unpaid Family and Friend Carer.  More details on local events and how you can sign up for a carers passport and more can be found at

So far we have had many volunteers coming forward. For example a local walking group has donated to us for 2 years running, for services they wanted to see supported in their area and a local group of shops pledged support for our Day Centre.

If you identify any need for Carers in your area or wish to get involved – get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you out there.

Michael Farrell

CEO Crossroads HN

07710 092 362