Our response to claims by the EHRC Review that “Basic home care help is ‘breaching human rights’”

The Trustees and Management Team of Crossroads Care Hertfordshire North were shocked and disappointed to see the results today of an inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission into care at home for the elderly. The results showed that many of the questions identified “appalling” levels of neglect and even abuse.

As the leading provider of support for carers and the people they care for in Hertfordshire we pride ourselves in the level of individual care and emotional support that we provide to our clients. Our Carer Support Workers are recruited specifically with this in mind and essential criteria at the selection process include flexibility and willingness to perform a range of different tasks in consultation with the carer and cared for and above all an ability to relate sympathetically with them.

We run a comprehensive Induction and training programme both for new recruits and our team of Carer Support Workers. Our newly appointed Carer Support Workers attend a comprehensive 5 day Induction and undertake shadowing with other experienced members of staff before delivering care alone. They are then given regular updates to mandatory training as well as being supervised and appraised as frequently as necessary. They are spot checked to ensure we are providing the highest quality service which our reputation boasts. We believe that dignity of the individual and person centre care are key to our success.

As a rapidly growing organisation in the not for profit social care sector we have a need and priority to continually enhance our skill set and raise awareness in the care of clients with specific conditions such as dementia. In this respect we have recently successfully bid for funds to further train all staff in skills and awareness for dealing with early onset dementia and dementia in older age. Other specialist training is also provided depending on clients’ specific needs. These may include training around Autism, End of Life care or specialist tasks such as peg feeding or stoma care.

Feedback from our clients is also an integral part of what we do and we actively seek this not only through an annual survey but through spot checks and follow ups, encouraging feedback so that we can continually improve our services.

Any review to improve what appears to be neglect of the elderly is welcomed but we continue to pride ourselves in the total package and level of care and support that we provide as testified by the many case studies and compliments that we regularly receive as an organisation