Dementia Friendly Homes

Free Home Audit

Support is available for people living with Dementia to stay in their own homes for longer.  By making their home environment more Dementia friendly we can increase their quality of life.

The expected benefits are:

  • enabling people to take better care of themselves
  • avoidance of slips, trips and falls
  • better hygiene and infection control
  • better nutrition and hydration
  • improved sleeping patterns

all through making the home environment work for you.


We offer a full audit of the home free of charge designed around the person living with Dementia and their specific needs. This includes a free supply of items specified to support living well with Dementia:

  • A large clock with the day and date
  • A portable magnetic whiteboard
  • Labels/signs for rooms and items around the house to support orientation
  • Stronger light bulbs to improve vision

The audit may identify other needs and we can support the family to source equipment on their behalf.


This service is in partnership with East Herts District Council and is open to anyone with Cognitive impairment or Dementia throughout the district of East Herts.

Please contact Stewart McIntosh to find out moreEast Herts Council logo
Office number: 01992 531490
Mobile: 07850 003387

Twitter link: CrossroadsDFH