Hayley Lanfear


Hayley Lanfear

Office Administrator

I started working for Crossroads in October 2013, after taking a year off to spend with my two young children. I was excited to get back into work, especially since coming to work at Crossroads it really does feel like you are making a difference.

Previously I worked as an Account Manager and prior to that I was an Office Manager for a large Transport Company, so I have picked up some good organisation and Customer service skills. When I had my children I went into Care work in the community, working with vulnerable adults with mental health conditions and Dementia. It made me realise how hard it is for loved ones to care for family and friends 24/7, not knowing where to turn to and struggling to get the support they so desperately need.

I have a fairly varied role within Crossroads but I work closely with Jo Wilkinson, our Executive Assistant. I support Jo in co-ordinating the Cafés for Carers so they can come along and have a break from their roles and enjoy the company of others in similar situations. During these Cafés we also have organised talks and events.

I also run Getting Carers Connected every two weeks at a local venue in Hitchin. We have some great support from Volunteers who work at LV= who spend their lunch hour helping Carers get online – showing them how to send emails, search the internet or upload photos. I also help organise new Volunteers coming on board to assist in our busy office and I try to keep the office running smoothly and effectively, undertaking many different administrative duties.