Hertford County Council Chairman’s Garden Party

On Saturday 12th July, the Chairman of Hertfordshire County Council held a Garden Party at County Hall in Hertford with the theme of ‘Celebrating Volunteers’.

Val, one of our lovely volunteers, attended the event.

“The invitation was from Mr Richard Smith, Chairman of Hertfordshire County Council and his wife Erika, to the County Reception and Garden Party, to celebrate volunteers in Hertfordshire.

It was a very happy occasion, in lovely sunshine and was attended by a large number of volunteers who help in a variety of organisations. Also in attendance were a good representation of local Mayors, County and local Councillors, wearing their chains and badges of office.
The Chairman gave a short welcoming speech in which he applauded the value of volunteers in the county.

We were entertained by a brass band outside and a string quartet inside. There was a splendid finger buffet with Pimms and other liquid refreshments.”

Posters illustrating the valuable work of volunteers throughout the county were displayed, including one which recognised the vital assistance of Crossroads volunteers.