Strain of caring for a loved one

A carer who looks after her grandmother with dementia has shared her story, talking about the help and support she receives from the Comet’s Charity of the Year.  This week, Hannah Evans talks about the service she receives from Crossroads Care Hertfordshire North.

She said: “Caring for a loved one is a hard, tiring and emotional job.  I think the worst thing is seeing your loved one down, upset and confused because they have to be cared for.  Sometimes it can make them behave in ways that are very frightening and hard to deal with but as the carer you have to as you love them and want them to have the best care.”

Hannah said the emotional side of caring is the most stressful and upsetting part.  She said it is both physical and demanding and can crush the strongest of people.  “That is why carers need and must have a break so that they can give the best care that can possibly be given.  Having the support of Crossroads Care really does make a big difference” she added.

Crossroads Care offers an adaptable, flexible and reliable breaks service for carers and those they care for with more than 50% of referrals coming from friends and family.  They provide short breaks in the home or the Community, Carers Café social groups and at the Day Care Centre in Stevenage.  Support is given to carers in Stevenage, North Herts and beyond.

Jo Wilkinson, Executive Assistant said: “Carers need emotional as well as practical support to help them care and say that Crossroads are a lifeline helping them to cope with looking after their loved ones.  Carers tell us they appreciate and have trust in the high standard of care we give their loved ones.  “The service enables Carers to carry on working, pursue a hobby, meet friends or family, take up training or just get a well earned sleep.”